In which I Half-Ass Abbey Road

To fight jetlag, I usually power through on the day of arrival. You’re already tired, so just stay awake until it’s bedtime in your new place. That means I had a few hours to kill before bed, so a quick outing was called for.

I grabbed my camera and headed to the St. John’s neighborhood in London to pay a little visit to a certain crosswalk. It’s pretty obscure, you’ve probably never heard of it.

Stole pic from

I know. It’s literally a walking cliché, but I had to go.

Abbey Road was the 11th studio album from The Beatles and is still one of their best-sellers. Plus one of my personal favorites You Never Give Me Your Money is on there (and the theme comes back in a great way on Carry that Weight). There was a lot of tension between the band members during the recording (Yoko probs and artistic differences–we’ve all been there) and although the Beatles would release one more album before they broke up, these sessions were technically the last that John, Ringo, George, and Paul would all participate in.

When I arrived, I wasn’t even sure I had the right crosswalk. Folks, there are at least three crosswalks at the intersection. I only knew which one was The One because five or six youths (god, I hate youths) were gathered on the side and kept darting into the busy street between cars to take pictures. I have never wanted a selfie-stick so bad in my entire life. 

The next thing to do was step inside the studio….


 …which was closed. At least I think it was closed; there were construction barricades blocking the entrance, and I couldn’t bring my tired, introvert self to interact with another human being to ask and be sure. 

So instead, I took pictures of graffiti. I didn’t know this wall right outside Abbey Road Studios even existed. Apparently, it’s repainted white every few weeks, but the HOA just can’t stop the fan love.



A few comments on the pictures above. A. The broken wings struck me as lovely. B. I wasn’t familiar with this song, but it so accurately describes why I’m single, so I Googled it back at the hostel. Turns out the lyrics are not quite right, but were probably meant to be from a song called It’s Only Love. The actual lyrics are “I get high when I see you go by.” If you haven’t heard the song, I really wouldn’t bother, but I put it on this Spotify playlist anyway. C. Oasis does NOT suck. You suck. 

There is also a gift shop on site, but I am never to set foot in a gift shop because I’ll buy everything, so here’s a picture of the sign. Hope it’ll do.


I also made a quick stop to Violet Hill–a 10 minute walk or so from Abbey Road Studios– in honor of the Coldplay anti-war songIt was getting late, and the streets had emptied out, so no exciting pics. You’ll just have to settle for my favorite lyrics from the song instead. Appropriate for the upcoming election back the States I think.


Just kidding. Everybody VOTE!

Stay tuned. I’m staying with a really artsy AirBNB host–I feel a writing storm coming up.


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