Baker Street: Sax and Sherlock

This post brought to you by Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty. If you don’t know this song, I promise you have at least heard the catchy sax riff. It’s a classic. Fun fact: the guy who played the sax was Raphael Ravenscroft. According to rumors, he was paid only £27 for his contribution to the song in the form of a check that later bounced. He also said that hearing the song bugged him because his part sounded flat, but I don’t think anybody else even remotely cares. Cause the song is awesome. 

 Anywho, turns out Baker Street is a real place in London and insanely accessible on the Tube

Any one who knows me and my Netflix history is not going to believe this, but I had been on Baker Street for almost 25 minutes before it dawned on me that Sherlock Holmes’s address is 221B Baker St. This means I got off at the Baker Street Tube stop, which looks like this…


…and passed countless Sherlock-themed pubs completely oblivious. I was so focused on snagging usable pictures of the street shops with very limited success. One day, I’ll figure out photography. But yesterday was not that day.

The next thing to do was find 221B. Turns out that’s more complicated than one would think (click here for the history on that if you’re complete nerd), but eventually I was across the street from the Sherlock Holmes Museum. I guess I’m not a true fan because I didn’t have the patience to wait in the line (excuse me, “the queue” as the Brits say). Instead, I’ll share this amazing Sherlock parody video. You MUST watch to at least 2:30 for a real treat.

You’re welcome.














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