Tuppence A Bag: From the Steps of St. Paul’s


I’ve always loved this classic song, but after a long day of exploring, I’m starting to appreciate it as a powerful lullaby as well. Feed the Birds revolves around St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, so I stopped by to take a few pictures.

The grounds were full of people that had come from the nearby office buildings, mall, and London Stock Exchange for a relaxing lunch break in the garden and courtyard. There has been a church on the site since 604 A.D., but construction of this iconic cathedral began in 1675 after the Great Fire of London burned down its predecessor (source). You gotta love that people with Pokemon Go, contactless credit cards, and not an ounce of cholera still enjoy this space.


The DRAMA of this statue of Queen Anne! 

I didn’t get a chance to look inside, but a reliable London source says the interior is amazing. Link for admission information here in case you’re looking to visit.

I also feel like an idiot because I didn’t think to take pictures of any birds, but we’ve all seen pigeons, right?

I hope you’ll stay tuned–I’ve got castles and Monty Python references coming up soon!


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