A Complete Day in London By Complete Accident

It all started as an innocent trip to the Tate Modern. A British guy who I went on a few coffee dates with back home said I HAD to see this museum, namely for this…

Louise Bourgeois, ‘Maman’.  Source

…which wasn’t even there. Turns out the larger-than-life installations are always changing in the Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall. The day I visited they were in-between exhibits, so it was just technical rigging and equipment on the ground.

Like I was saying, this started out just as a simple trip to the museum, but on the way there, I realized that I had stumbled upon a full day in London packed with iconic sights and touristy fun. I had to rush and wasn’t able to reap all the benefits, so maybe you can.

Your route looks like this. I cannot stress this enough–you HAVE TO walk. london-by-accident-tate_shakespeare_market-02

A. Catch the Tube to the Monument Stop. You’ll need either the Circle or the District line. Once you’ve left the station, head south and follow the signs to London Bridge.

B. Cross to the south bank of London Bridge. From London Bridge you can see The Shard and the Tower Bridge if you look east. Plus you can sing Fergie to yourself if you want. Like Londy, Londy, Londy wanna go down! 

C. Get lunch at Borough MarketI was so hungry, I bought the first thing I saw. I ended up with these babies: Scotch eggs (basically a boiled egg, wrapped in sausage meat, wrapped in crunchy breadcrumb crust) from ScotchTails. I still think fondly about this meal 3 weeks later. So good!


I keep proofreading this post and getting distracted by those eggs. I miss them.

D. Visit Shakespeare’s Globe TheatreI didn’t get a chance to go in, so leave me a comment if you’ve been inside. Is it as awesome as I think it is?


Bonus: On your way from the Borough Market, you get to go through a bunch of really cool alleys. It makes you feel like you’re going back in time.


E. Wander the Tate Modern. Honestly, you could spend 6+ hours in here if you wanted to. I have limited patience for museums–love them, but can’t turn them into a whole day. I had to almost sprint through because I had theatre tickets for later that evening. (Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime if you ever have a chance to see it–it blew my mind! It is so much more impactful as a play than a book.) Obviously, I don’t recommend rushing through; this Tate deserves at least 3-4 hours.

Left: Jane Alexander, African Adventure. Top right: Malangatana Ngwenyo, Untitled. Bottom right: Luc Thomas, The Shore
Left: Louise Bourgeois. Right: Marwan Rechmaoui, Beirut Caoutchouc.

Still managed to find some favorites though. And I got to see my spiders after all.

F. Head back towards the city on Millennium Bridge. This modern bridge is literally just steps from the Tate Modern. As you head north, you’ll a spectacular view of St. Paul’s Cathedral dome. It’s almost like the designers planned it that way. Read prior Beating Path post on St. Paul’s here.


Stay tuned–I feel like I keep promising castles. They’re on their way, I swear! It’s hard to sit down and write with a new town to explore every few days.







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