1. You Are Young

2. Silenced by the Night

I’m out of my depth, girl

Stick close to me

Because the people in this town

They look straight through me

3. Disconnected

4. Watch How You Go

5. Sovereign Light Café

An actual place on the promenade in Bexhill-On-Sea.

6. On the Road

Near to my heart. I listened to this song a million times when I was day-dreaming of starting Beating Path. Can you blame me when you look at those lyrics?

Have you been feeling that pull?

And are you hearing that call? ‘

Cause you’ve got everything that you need to make a start

I had a dream of my own

Just walking out of my home

And going I don’t know where to sing beneath the stars

7. The Starting Line

Drag your heart up to the starting line

Forget the ghosts that make you old before your time

8. Black Rain

9. Neon River

10. Day Will Come

11. In Your Own Time

So I say nothing, you say nothing

In your own way

Thought I could help you find your place

But I’m as lost as you are lost these days

12. Sea Fog

13. Strangeland (Bonus Track)

14. Run with Me (Bonus Track)

15. The Boys (Bonus Track)

16. It’s Not True (Bonus Track)

17. Silenced By the Night–Acoustic (Bonus Track)

Life-giving. Tear-inducing. I can’t believe how full this song sound with just a piano and the tiniest bit of percussion.

18. Starting Line–Acoustic (Bonus Track)

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