The Sovereign Light Café + A Love Letter to Keane

Did I spend an extra £40 and an extra three hours to have adequate fish and chips by the beach? Yes. Was it worth it? Meh. Would I do it again? Yes, because of Keane.

I don’t like to pick, but there’s a 90% chance Keane is my favorite band. I don’t skip their songs when one comes up on shuffle. I took moody walks to Everybody’s Changing when I was feeling too much pressure in high school. When I had the closing shift at the mall, I would put my headphones in, blast A Bad Dream, and feel sorry for myself like the poor little shirt-folding Cinderella I was.

Keane is the soundtrack to my “one-day” montage, that part of the movie when the heroine stares wistfully and ridiculously out of a fogged-up window on a snow day, dreaming her escape to anywhere else. Hopefully somewhere with less snow. She adjusts her sweater to the chill and—just loud enough for the audience to hear—sighs “One day” and goes back to work. There’s an old-soul, deep-down-ness to their lyrics. They capture what it feels like to be simultaneously young and tired. I so completely get it. 

When they were touring their Strangeland album, they had a stop scheduled in my hometown. I was going to ask my summer crush (I was desperately in love. I had barely said three words to him) to come with me but I chickened out. I think I missed out on two great things that day. I will never forgive myself. 

Ok, enough about how much I love Keane. On to lunch in Bexhill-On-Sea, an cute seaside town on the south end of England. The plan was to take the train from Dover to Bexhill, then Bexhill to Bath, all in one day. It was a not a great plan.

As I was dragging my luggage along Bexhill-On-Sea’s promenade, I was kinda of thinking to myself:

The sound of my suitcase wheels announcing my arrival might have been drowned out a little by the wind, but I was still definitely a spectacle.


The whole point of going to Bexhill-On-Sea was to eat at the Sovereign Light Cafe, made famous by Keane (who else?) in a song by the same name. I ordered some fish and chips and sat down to wait for my order. The cafe was busy, full of the cutest old people, which I tried to paparazzi without getting chased out of town. Would have been hard to run away with my stupid luggage.


Stay tuned. I’m fighting off a cold and staying in, so if I don’t end up watching YouTube all day, I should have posts about Bath and Cardiff up tomorrow!




One comment on “The Sovereign Light Café + A Love Letter to Keane”
  1. I LOVE Keane! Right now I’m in love with the song Bedshaped! Lovely post and pictures 🙂


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