Cardiff Castle

I love me a good castle, and Cardiff Castle did not disappoint. It was a block away from my hostel (shout-out to The Safehouse–you guys totally made my trip!) and just steps from the new Principality Stadium and Bute Park. As if  I needed another excuse to go.

The site consists of a great medieval tower keep surrounded by a small moat…

Once again, I played paparazzi on fellow tourists, but come on, that red umbrella just popped. Couldn’t help myself. 

…and an amazing mansion. The house is full of metallic ceilings, fairytale tile murals, and beautiful details. Make sure you take the guided tour of the mansion so you don’t miss the quirky anecdotes behind all the splendor. Also, Welsh accents.


I love Gothic Revival homes (definition of Gothic Revival in my post here) because they’re full of weird little moments, like this puking chicken and beaver shooting a fish gun.

Pew! Pew! 

A big thanks to my incredibly entertaining tour guide with the panty-dropping Welsh accent. Also, a big thanks to William Burges, the man largely responsible for the design of the mansion. He was probably born eccentric, but he also smoked a lot of opium.

Image source.

And no, the jester outfit is not period dress. He just liked it. Architects are weird.

More architect weirdness to follow in my next post, so I hope you’ll stay tuned.



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