Music snobs will point out that The Fratellis are from Glasgow, not Edinburgh, but I saw the band tour this album back home in Salt Lake City, and I just had to share it when the chance presented itself. Plus, my blog, my rules. The show was so great. Along with the songs from this album, they played lots of old favorites from Costello Music, which, by the way is celebrating it’s 10th birthday. If you haven’t listened yet (or haven’t for a while), you should could have Fantastic Fratellis Friday. Except that’s it’s Saturday already.

There is something, for lack of a better word, “American” about this album. I’ll let this critic explain, but I kinda dig the twangy guitar, church organ, and blues and gospel references in the lyrics. I do not, however, recommend the moonshine.

Click here to listen to the album on Spotify. Highlights from the album down below.

1. Me and the Devil

Tell one last beautiful lie for me

Make all your promises rhyme for me

2. Imposters (Little By Little)

There is something so unbearably sweet about the lyrics and the American Country guitar twang is an appreciated touch.

3. Baby Don’t You Lie to Me!

4. Desperate Guy

The chorus + the bridge = all the feels

5. Thief

Cadence of the lyrics is just unbelievable.

6. Dogtown

7. Rosanna

8. Slow

And if I had a audience

I’d ask them to leave

How can I give them what I can’t receive?

How can I pray when I just don’t believe?

9. Getting Surreal

10. Too Much Wine

11. Moonshine

Not a great song.  However, Too Much Wine, Moonshine would be a great name for their next album. Just a thought.

12. Down the Road and Back…Again…

13. Medusa in Chains

You should be outlawed, Dear God!

14. Imposters (Little By Little) [Acoustic]

15. Desperate Guy [Acoustic]

16. Rosanna [Acoustic]

The Fratellis always seem to hit a home-run when they write a song titled with a girl’s name. (See Henrietta and Chelsea Dagger from their Costell0 Music album.)

17. Slow [Acoustic]

Please note effective use of “gospel church organ” effect in the background.

18. Moonshine [Acoustic]

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