Book Nerd Heaven at Trinity College

Hey gang,

Didn’t feel much like writing today, but I did want to share pics from my afternoon at historic Trinity College Dublin. Make sure you take the student-led tour for all the dirt on weird school traditions and society rivalries.

The obvious reason for going to Trinity College is that they have the Book of Kells exhibition. The Book of Kells dates from around 800 A.D. It’s an amazing vellum-paged Bible, each page beautifully (and unbelievably) hand-illuminated by monks during the Dark Ages and protected through the centuries. Photography is not allowed in the exhibit, so click here to read more. The atmospheric exhibit is definitely worth it, but try to get there early in the day so you get a better look at the actual manuscript than I did.

The other high points of the campus are detailed below.

The Campus Architecture


Sfera con Sfera Sculpture

This interactive and iconic sculpture by Arnaldo Pomodoro is beautiful from any angle.


Long Room Library

Insert the emoji with the hearts for eyes. Can you say barrel vaults?!


The 20,000 books in the Long Room in the Old Library are arranged, curiously, by size on the dark wood shelves. With famous writers, philosophers, and college donors presiding over the aisles, it feels more like a cathedral than a library. I plan to go back one day, sneak a sleeping bag into the upper level, and become Phantom of the Long Room. Truly amazing!

I’m going day drinking tomorrow at the Guinness Storehouse, so stay tuned!












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