Follow Me Up to Carlow!

I’m throwing a little temper tantrum because I think I accidentally deleted my pics from Carlow! I spent a great afternoon finding and exploring the Delta Sensory Gardens and the little town of Carlow in southeast Ireland.

The Delta Sensory Gardens is a little out of the way (I went 30+ minutes on foot from the bus stop in the town center), but is really quite special. There are all these little magical moments that make you stop, especially in The Stolen Child Garden (a sketchy name for a really cool idea).  Man, I’m really pining over a really funny photograph I took of a dried up sunflower. All the seeds had fallen out from the head, except for a few that made it look like the sunflower had eyes and was smiling at me. This is such a millennial’s problem, but it’s almost like my sunny day didn’t happen if I don’t have any pics.

Anyway, I could pout or I could share a share the song that sent me to Carlow, an Irish folk song called Follow Me Up to Carlow. I’ve shared the Young Dubliners version on this Spotify playlist because I like the tempo and general interpretation better, but the Planxty version heard in the video below helps with the lyrics. I especially love the Yoda phrasing of the “fallen is your star low” line.

The song immortalizes the Battle of Glenmalure, in which the English suffered a particularly embarrassing and bloody defeat by the Irish led by Fiach McHugh O’Byrne in 1580. More on the battle can be found here.

I’m flying to Germany to visit my Oma next, so I hope you’ll stay tuned. There’s a great album I can’t wait to share. I’m making quite a departure; this album was released in this decade!



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