Love Locked Down

I went to Cologne (Köln from here on out, so I can practice my German) because of this song by Donovan Woods that I’ve been listening to regularly for over a year now. It’s a star player in my personal break-up and rainy day playlists on my iPod.

I have no evidence to show this song was inspired by this amazing German city, but the title is obviously a pun and the “stupid European boyfriend” line gave me permission to make the stretch. Plus I just love the melancholy melody and the chorus.

As soon as you step out of the train station, which is pretty fantastic in itself (one day I’ll post about my love for train station architecture), you are immediately confronted with the most amazing cathedral: the Kölner Dom. It’s insanely tall and intricate and sooty and pointy. It seems to just rise straight up from the ground and never stops going up. It was drizzling and cold the afternoon I arrived, which only added to the mood.

Please humor me while I unload a ton of pics on you. It took 600 years to be completed. I want everyone just to take a second and appreciate that.


As far as I know, it’s free to go inside if you skip the guided tour. The interior is equally cool, but my photos were embarrassing–I have GOT to get a handle on low-light situations– so you’ll just have to go see for yourself.

After I was tired of looking at this Unesco World Heritage cathedral—I can’t believe I just wrote that sentence– I wandered around and stumbled upon Cologne’s Love Locks on the Hohenzollern Bridge. You may remember the Hohenzollern family from A.P. Euro. I do…kinda.

The tradition of newlyweds locking down their love and throwing the key away (usually into water to poison the fish) has taken off  all over the world. [I also happened upon love locks at Albert Dock in Liverpool earlier this fall.] Perhaps the most famous instance is in Paris, but earlier this year authorities banned the padlocks due to the added weight that was compromising the bridge, so I’ll “settle” for this amazing one in here in Köln.

I would suggest listening to Kanye West’s Love Lockdown while you scroll through the pics below.


I loitered around a little longer in the rain than was probably healthy waiting for my soulmate to show up, but no dice. Still single. No stupid European boyfriend.




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