Take the “Should I Go to Luxembourg?” Quiz! Spoiler Alert: You Should.

Before I get you the quiz (don’t get too excited), I wanted to share the song that inspired my quick crossing into Luxembourg.

I know, big surprise. I picked a song from The Smiths. I love the message of the lyrics and the video, but I think the “writing frightening verse to a buck-toothed girl in Luxembourg” line is just hilarious in its specificity and detail. I’m also going to quickly plug a design I made celebrating another line from the song that I adore. These are the skills that 2 years of archit-torture undergrad impart, so I guess it wasn’t a complete waste 😉


You can get the print by itself or have it made into a shower curtain, laptop case, iPhone case, tote bag, etc. by going to my Society6 store. Please check it out by clicking here.

I didn’t know much about the small country of Luxembourg, only that I would kick myself if I skipped the chance to check another Smiths reference off my list. Let me tell you, Luxembourg is so clean and charming. If you can, travel into Luxembourg City by train because the landscape is amazing! The official language is Luxembourgish (the coolest sounding thing), but most people speak French (and a little German and English). If all else fails, just point at the sandwich menu like I had to at the train station. As far as I could tell, the country is also just SWIMMING in money so it felt extremely safe for such a cosmopolitan place. Click here to read up on this cool place.

And now, as promised…the quiz:


Just go, ok?

I’ll be posting from where the hills are alive next! So psyched!



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