Salzburg by the Sea, But Not Actually

The song behind my trip to Salzburg is pretty awful and ridiculous, and comes from a Comden and Green musical called Bells are Ringing. I played the female part in the musical at my high school when I was a junior, so it has a weird, embarrassing little place in my heart.

Obviously, the lyrics (click here if you can’t understand the video all the way) are full of misinformation about Salzburg, but that’s part of the story. The duet is between two secondary characters: Sue, a love-sick telephone operator and a con-man named Sandor. Sandor is a bookie who is using Sue’s answering service (before voicemail, people would leave messages with an agency and the recipient would then call the agency to get the message) as a front for horse-racing bets and, perhaps worse, faking a “sexy” European accent. The lyrics are full of references to other countries because Sandor is lying and Sue is just a dumb-ass in love.

Anyway, I figured I’d group all of my Sound of Music pics into one post for tomorrow, but for now, here’s WAY too many photos from my last drizzly day in Salzburg. And while it doesn’t have gondolas, geishas, or midnight bullfights like Sandor promised, you can be sure of one thing about Salzburg: it’s amazing. And insanely walkable.












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