While I was visiting my aunt outside of Frankfurt, I saw a tiniest glimpse of the music video for BOY’s Fear on a German music countdown. A week later I was in Salzburg dancing in the mirror to it. A week after that I was in Berlin listening to it at least twice a day. A few weeks after THAT I’m still listening. I guess what I’m trying to say is that this song ages well. And travels well, too.

To me this album is the perfect amount of challenge. A lot of the songs have a good hook, but there’s also enough substance. There’s something very Sara Bareilles about the lyrics and something very Feist about the styling. I dig it. Truly.

1. We Were Here

And the rains get rough

But time can’t wash us off

We won’t ever disappear

We were here

It was really love

2. Fear

Truly one of the best songs I’ve ever heard, and a great comfort when someone you love can’t get out of their head. Everyone go watch the music video now!

3. Hit My Heart

A catchy, but biting observation of us Millennials.

4. Hotel

5. No Sleep For The Dreamer

6. Flames

7. New York

Cause the truth is

I was wrong when I said I was bored

Any street that I’m walking on with you

Anywhere with you could be New York

8. Rivers Or Oceans

Super charming and catchy chorus.

9. Into the Wild


Spotify just went straight to the acoustic version of BOY’s first album, Mutual Friends. It’s promising already, I gotta say…




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