Won’t You Miss Me: Grand Central Terminal

It took my breath away the first time I saw it, so I was going to make a pit stop at Grand Central Station (I guess there’s calling it “Grand Central TERMINAL” nowadays) during my few days in Manhattan anyway, but Sea Green, See Blue by Jaymay starts with a mention, so I had an official blog reason to go. I love this song. The humming. The sing-song melody. The straight-from-a-diary lyrics heartbreaking in their specificity. I’ve added the song to my Spotify playlist, but you’ll also want to watch this video of Jaymay performing it live **through to the end**. Just trust me.

There is a feeling of angst and impatience but also a joy at Grand Central. Think about how many people have checked their watches waiting for a loved one to arrive, how many dog-tired people started a long journey home, or how many tourists (me included) have felt small in the soaring space in its 100+ year history.  That energy is in the walls, radiating from the stone. Grand Central is truly something special. My favorite part is the turquoise ceiling (although they had to clean all the dark cigarette schmoot from the ceiling to reveal it after smoking was banned in 2003) with the constellations (technically painted backwards) and little points of sparkle. Grand Central seems so New York but it feels like it’s own little complete world. Plus free public restrooms…

I threw in some lyrics from Sea Green, See Blue with my photos because they just seemed to fit. Enjoy!




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